Domestic Cleaning

Our domestic cleaning services are tailored to suit each individual client.

Whatever you need us to do, that is what we are there for.

Living Space


✅ Cleaning and dusting wardrobes

✅ Cleaning and dusting draws

✅ Cleaning and dusting skirting boards

✅ Wiping down and removing finger marks from light switches

✅ Cleaning And dusting window sills and ledges

✅ Wiping down door handles

✅ Vacuuming rugs and carpets

✅ Emptying bins, taking the rubbish out

✅ Emptying and cleaning ashtrays

Bathrooms And Toilets


✅ Disinfecting and cleaning the toilet inside and out

✅ Disinfecting the bathtub/shower inside and out

✅ Cleaning and polishing the tiles

✅ Cleaning and polishing the mirrors

✅ Disinfecting the sink inside and out

Kitchen Cleaning


✅ Disinfecting clean and polish the worktops

✅ Clean and remove finger marks from cupboard doors and handles